Piece of Iconic Waialae Bowl Repurposed in The Surfing Pig

The Surfing Pig is located in Kaimuki, which is considered the dining Mecca of Oahu. It only makes sense to spark some nostalgia to the new restaurant. Our master craftsman,  is repurposing the bowling lane from the iconic 59-year-old Waialae Bowl as bar top seating.

After 50 years in business, and despite efforts to reopen, Waialae Bowl’s tenant didn’t want to renew the lease from property owner Kamehameha Schools. Summer 2017, Re-use Hawai’i salvaged the lanes and gutters, and brought the material to its Kakaako warehouse.  Wood is a sustainable resource but we must do are part to conserve certain forest resources as is.

Re-use Hawai‘i is proactive about fulfilling their mission of keeping good, reusable material out of our local landfill. Kono’s and The Surfing Pig has continued to support and source materials from Re-use Hawai’i for all our projects. With the ambiance just right, The Surfing Pig will be a gathering hotspot for the emerging local foodies, families, and visitors of Kaimuki, with an urban twist.

“Across from the bar is a line of seats along a chalkboard wall. In between, is re-purposed wood from the old Waialae Bowl. When you see it for yourself, you’ll notice that the bowling platform markings still show. It’s so cool that they created tables from this material, which adds warmth and nostalgia into SP’s ambience. Customers who are able to grab a seat at the chalkboard can scribble messages, draw, or play tic tac toe. Even Bead It Kaimuki dined in and drew their brand name at the center! Talk about free marketing – I went ahead and added my Instagram name hoping to get some exposure. I’ll have to go back there and do it even bigger!”- FashionGabbs