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What is Chicharron?

To put simply, fried pork rinds. Chicharron’s original place of origin in Spain, however, you can find these crispy delicious pork rinds in various cuisines ranging from South America cuisine down to the Philippines. In some places, this dangerously addictive snack is practically a food group.

So what’s the deal with Chicharron? For some, it is the satisfying crunch in every bite, and for others, it is the true pork taste. Regardless, it is tasty and addictive!

You may have stumbled upon Chicharron in the local supermarket in your lifetime. Not to ruin the fun, but many of those products are extremely processed. Chef Carlos prefers a different route and freshly fries the chicharron everyday at The Surfing Pig, because there is truly no comparison to the real thing.

Chef Preparing Back Ribs

How to Try: The Surfing Pig dishes topped with chicharron–

-Truffle Fries

-Back Ribs

-Smokey Cheesy Mac

-Ahi Poke

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